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$40 Smart Home Device Installation Special

Did you get an awesome deal on a Smart Home device on Black Friday? Do you need help setting it up and an explanation of how to use it?


Big I.T. is currently offering a $40 installation special, including brief device training for smart home automation devices. Offer includes, but is not limited to, Doorbell Camera’s(Ring, SkyBell,etc.), Wireless Routers/Access Points/Range Extenders, Voice Activation Devices(Google Home, Amazon Echo & Alexa, etc.), Facebook Portal Video Device, Google Nest, Smart Appliances, Smart Garage Door Opener connections, Smart TV network connections and much more!

Call: 469.831.0375

Email: support@bigitllc.com

*Customer must supply device needed for connection installation. This offer applies to Smart Home Device setup and requires connection to customer’s current wireless network. Some devices may require wired connection to customers router.

Free Assessment for Windows Upgrade

Does your Business or Home computers use Windows 7? The time to act is NOW! Don’t wait!

Did you know Microsoft will be ending the life cycle of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020?

What does this mean?

Computers with Windows 7 will no longer receive software or security updates from Microsoft.

Will your computer suddenly stop working? No, but the computer and installed software, like QuickBooks, will be highly susceptible to virus/malware infections and files will be more susceptible to theft.

Certain software will no longer work correctly on Windows 7, unless the computer is upgraded to Windows 10.

This will affect all Windows 7 computers in some manner.

Don’t freak out. Big I.T. can help. We are offering a free, onsite, computer assessment, so you know your options. Fill out the form below, call or email for more information or to set up an assessment today!

Call: 469.831.0375

Email: support@bigitllc.com


There are multiple options that do not require buying a new computer. Everyone’s situation is different. Do you have a plan?

Secure, Offsite Data Storage

Backup Storage for your most important files!

Ensure security knowing your data is always available.


Don’t wait until the unthinkable happens!

Secure, offsite cloud storage providing backup setup, management and restoral  services of your financial software backup file. (Quickbooks, Sage, etc.)  Restoral services are provided in case of onsite catastrophe.

Provides the 3-2-1 backup theory: Keep at least three (3) copies of your data, and store two (2) backup copies on different storage media, with one (1) of them located offsite.

Plans include up to 50GB of cloud space, with 3 backups files per week, using 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage. Offsite Servers are backed up at multiple locations 3 times per day.

Inexpensive cost for peace of mind! We have multiple plans available with low cost options! Call 469.831.0375 or fill out the contact form.